I have been a member of Brookfield Garden Club for twelve years, which is how old the club is. The call was put out in the local newspaper by Roy Lehto. Our first meeting took place at the local coffee house, with a handful of eager gardeners ready to discuss plants.

Tom Tulik Co President
Annette Rivera co President

Since that first meeting, the Brookfield Garden Club has grown by leaps and bounds. Our current co- presidents Annette Rivera and Tom Tulik have picked up the pace this year, hosting monthly current and educational speakers. Stressing the importance of community and working as a club, together these two have lassoed this garden club to new heights. We meet the last Saturday of the month at 9:30 a.m., from January through October in the basement of the Brookfield Village Hall.

As I noted in my last blog piece the Chicago Flower and Garden Show holds an annual Window Box Competition during its annual show on Navy Pier. This year the theme was “Chicago’s Blooming’.  When all twelve garden club boxes are brought together a beautiful display of unique spring mini gardens is created. Voting for a winner is done via text messaging during the duration of the show. The winner of this container garden race receives bragging rights for a year.

So I’m digging in on the wins because we won!

Yep, Brookfield Garden Club came in first place and our prize is bragging rights. So, I’m going to share with you our Brookfield Garden Club Window Box, the grand prize winner of the Chicago Flower and Garden Club’s Window Box Competition.

Our winning window box container garden,remember bragging rights for a year, was filled with the following plants:

1. Kalanchoe 2. Red Twig Dogwood 3. Geranium 4. Wax Begonia 5. Narcissus Tete-A-Tete 6. Myer’s Asparagus Fern 7. Cranes Bill Geranium 8. Forget-Me-Not 9. Creeping Phlox 10. Vancouver Centennial Geranium 11. Pansy 12. Hyacinth 13. White Rabbit’s Foot Fern 14. Moss

This plant list was created to look like a Metra BNS train schedule, thanks to our co president Annette.

The overall theme of the garden box was our village connection to the BNFS railroad and downtown Chicago.  A red shiny train engine, a reproduction of the Brookfield water tower and a Navy Pier banner, combined with the plants I listed above filled the box to the brim. It was a group effort and it worked out to be a winner.

Dorthy Ball

The lead gardener on this project was Dorothy Ball who rocked this box.  The large  planters in front of St. Barbara’s Church in Brookfield, that change with season, is Mrs. Ball’s work. When I stop at the stop sign at the intersection of Prairie and Windamere I admire Dorothy’s work from afar.

This competition was the best out of twelve window boxes on the twelfth year the Brookfield Garden Club has existed.  Did I mention we won first place. Bragging rights for a year. We won! Woot Woot !!!

Brookfield Garden Club Express to Chicago’s Blooming