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Northwind Perennial Farm: Cultivate, Educate and Inspire

Once upon a time there lived a suburban gardener whose Hyssop died. It was an Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’, a branch of the hyssop family. Yes, experienced gardeners plants die too. It’s apparently considered a learning moment, but it still hurts. In late fall this gardener usually adds a thin layer of leaf mulch to her garden, tucking her plants in for a long Chicagoland winter sleep. Unfortunately, she layered the.. Read More

Joshua Tree Revisited

Irish rockers U2 stopped in Chicago this past weekend sharing with us their Joshua Tree 2017 world tour, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the release of The Joshua Tree Album.  Recycling albums might  be the new movement in Rock and Roll. A few years ago, we saw Yes perform a few album sides, and it was wonderful. Recycled album tours, re-purposed for a new generation. My best friend Judy Bean.. Read More