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Walking Down Memory Lane

One afternoon my son Ben and I made our way to Sawyer Elementary to help with the planting of their woodland and prairie garden.  I wearing my Master Gardener Hat and representing the University of Illinois Extension, and Ben helping out with some good old fashion community service. Located on the Southwest side of Chicago, this Chicago Public School had a wonderful community feel that I didn’t think existed anymore. I.. Read More

The Scoop on Fungi.

As the rain continues to fall steady this Friday afternoon, I am inspired to share a post from the past.  A post that I hope will be helpful to all my fellow home owners as well as gardeners. The Scoop on Fungi A mushroom walks into a bar.  Barkeeper says, “Get out!  We don’t serve your kind!”  Mushroom says, “Why not? I’m a fun-guy.” The horticulture world pronounces the “g” in fungi.. Read More