Garden Gems

"Bridging the sustainable lifestyles of yesteryear with sustainability today."

The Last Frost

 The Last Frost This past Saturday we celebrated my Grandma Wanda’s 93rd birthday. GG Wanda taught me a lot about maintenance in the garden. In the early 1980’s, when she lived in Chicago, I worked side by side with her, imitating her every move. Preparing the soil and dethatching the lawn for the upcoming growing season was something she liked to do.  We enjoyed shopping for annuals and planting when the time was right… Read More

The Dance of Maintenance.

The Dance of Maintenance Ornamental Grass   The recent April showers have brought clean green to our neighborhood landscape.  It is Saturday April 11, 2015. My beautiful twin nieces, Jill and Jolene Gembara celebrate a birthday and the Forsythia are filled with vibrant yellow blossoms. Spring has sprung! As I made my way through the neighborhood this morning, taking on the many errands Saturday morning’s demand of me, I noticed many ornamental grasses that.. Read More

The Knife Sharpening Man

The Knife Sharpening Man Springtime in my home town is always an anticipated event. Once the Crocus croke and the Daffodill flourish with the warming of the soil, the knife sharpening man can’t  be far behind. The sound of the bell ringing down your block announces he and his green and red pushcart /work bench are prepared to sharpen dull knives and tools.  A gardeners delight, well defined sharp tools. His name is Tony DelCiello, as.. Read More

Wild Edibles-Creasy Greens

Creasy Green Reflecting on my latest  trip to Virginia, home to my mother and her people,  I can’t help but bring back examples of sustainability to Chicagoland. Lessons to uphold and maintain for the next generation. I love to connect with the almost forgotten foods that the old timers loved and treasure. Creasy greens fall in that category. It seems this celebrated green has risen into the sustainable eat fresh/eat local category.. Read More