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Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2015

  This past week the Chicago Flower and Garden Show welcomed the growing season of 2015. Alongside the garden designs, this year’s show overflowed with educational seminars and a wonderful horticulture market. The first thing that caught my attention when I walked into the Navy Pier convention hall was the incredible smell. The combination of hyacinth mixed with roses was overpowering. My sense of sight took in the bustling of.. Read More

Happy National Agriculture Day

Happy National Ag. Day I just heard on the radio it was National Agriculture Day.  It seems the calendar holds more observation days than ever.  I believe National anything days can be positive and productive. First, it starts a conversation.  There is nothing like a good old fashion face to face conversation about a subject you are not familiar with.  Second, it may lighten your day with a celebration about something you do care.. Read More

Late Winter Pruning

  Late winter and early spring is a wonderful time of year to prune those overgrown shrubs, bushes and trees on your property. The branches are bare and not having foliage allows you to see the true form of the plants. I  don’t like to prune once the bush or shrub experience bud break or the leaf open. For the larger trees on your property I would research a reputable tree guy in your.. Read More

Forsythia in September

Forsythia in September  The timing of biological events is called Phenology. This science is concerned with the dates of first occurrences that influence nature. These life cycle events happen like clockwork every year in our backyards. Things like flowers blooming and leafs unfolding, insects emerging, migration and hibernation. Plants and animals are not known to wear watches or carry smart phones. They take their cues from the changing seasons, temperature, rain.. Read More